Bookplating instructions

Instructions for bookplating donations from Paul Dickson on Espy Library Annex shelves


 Each box that was unpacked included a list of titles inside. You should find a list placed at the beginning of the shelf run of each unpacked box load.


Before bookplating, verify that the information on the list matches what appears on the title page and verso (backside of the title page) of each title. I previously found some apparent errors in whether the book is hardcover or paperback. The designation h or p follows the publication or copyright date on the list. Make corrections to the list, please, and note if the item clearly needs repair.


I put the bookplates on the inside left cover unless doing so would cover up important information such as a map or inscription. A list of titles also available from the publisher does not to me constitute important information.


Please also note, by writing on the list itself, if you notice that an item has an inscription, or autograph, or contains an introduction or preface written by W.R. Espy.


Reshelve the contents of each box together with its list when you are done. The order of  this shelving is up to you. It could be by size, or by the order of the list, or by random means. The important element is keeping the items grouped with their list.


Thank you for helping establish a searchable electronic catalog for the Espy Library. Honoring the donors to the collection is the first step.

Step by Step Instructions for Cataloging

How to access (and add items to) the electronic catalog of Espy Library




Double click on the Resource Mate icon on the desktop


Click on the Items tab


At the bottom of the screen (left of center), click on the down arrow to the right of New to reveal a pop up selection. Click on Add a New Item


The Main tab will open. Resource Type will be Books and the cursor should be in the ISBN box. If the cursor is in the Title box with Title 1 highlighted, delete Title 1 and move the cursor up to the ISBN box.


Type the ISBN number with no dashes into the box. Use the mouse to click on ISBN Retrieval and wait for the Library of Congress to send the bibliographic information to a new screen.


Sometimes the ISBN # on the back of the book will not yield a result. A different ISBN # may be printed inside the book on the verso page (the back side of the title page) where there is lots of information. If you find a different ISBN # there, it may work, or it may be that the item has not been catalogued by the Library of Congress (LOC). I’ve found some books in the collection that were catalogued by the British Museum but not LOC. If you can’t get the bibliographic download from LOC, set the book aside and I will do further research to create subject headings and a call number.


Spend a little time verifying that the information received from LOC matches what you find on the title page and verso. Title, publisher and date should be sufficient. Then click Okay to import.


When the Resource Mate page has been populated with the info from LOC, click on the tab Additional. Hover the cursor over the box for Donated By and see the drop down arrow revealed.


Click the arrow. Double click the appropriate donor. Click Save (at the bottom of the screen).


CONGRATULATIONS! You have just added an item to the Espy Library electronic catalog.


Always note, under the Notes tab, if W. R. Espy contributed to the book by writing a preface or introduction. For an example of this, click on the Main tab, double click on the title “You all spoken here” by Roy Wilder, Jr. and go to the Notes tab.


Deborah Bancroft 2/26/06