1. Monitor the condition of books in the library annex. A dehumidifier should be installed if any signs of mold are found. More drastic action may be necessary. Refer to information at Stanford University's Conservation Online:

2. Opt to do jacketing of some books with paper covers. Many paper covers are too fragile for this process but others can be preserved. Estimates for supplies were given to Polly in January.

3. Volunteer yourself to spend some time with the collection by bookplating, jacketing, or cataloging. You won't regret it!

4. Consider opening up communications more. In my humble opinion, it is unfair that Polly takes on all this burden herself. An online forum or an email newsletter or listserv could be designed so that everyone has access and can keep involved and up to date.

5. Consider adding a page to the Espy Foundation showing off some of the visual resources from W.R.E. and L.E. Displaying some of the photographs and drawings could add warmth and personality.