Works Consulted


Ball, Rafael. 2000. Future trends in special library services. Inspel 34:133-140. Accessed 2/24/2006 from the Special Libraries Association website The author points out how libraries are rarely seen as contributing economically to society and that huge amounts of essential work in libraries is performed behind the scenes. Both factors present challenges for fundraisers and other library champions to overcome. 

Edwall, Marcus. 1997. Espy Library to be established. The Quarterly of the Book Club of Washington. XV: 4-7. This document is invaluable for describing the origins of the Espy Library in Oysterville and for biographic detail about Willard R. Espy and his family. It also includes an "Overview of the Espy Ouvre(sic)" which highlights nine of the author's published works.

Kneale, Ruth A. 2000. Reclaiming the JAC Library: preserving and conserving library materials. Information Outlook. July 2000. Accessed 2/24/2006 from the Special Libraries Association website This is the account of the disastrous conditions found by a new librarian on the first day of work and how she devised and implemented a successful mold recovery plan with the help of resources at Stanford's Conservation Online.

Tegart, Shelley. 2001. Setting up a library from scratch. Wired West v5, n1. Accessed 2/24/2006 from the Special Lbraries Association website Written from a corporate perspective on special libraries, this article emphasizes that even for non-profits the business aspects of why the organization exists must be heeded, and that every library service delivered should reflect the mission of the organization. 


Conservation Online This is an excellent and exciting resource for anyone involved with the care and preservation of library materials.

Espy Foundation Posted here on the official website of the Espy Library's parent foundation is information about W.R.E., the library, the residency program and awards, and future plans.

ResourceMate This is the home page of the software manufacturer where you can find information about the products and how they can work for a small special library such as the Espy Library.