MLIS Portfolio

Deborah Bancroft

Poised as I am on the brink of graduation, I am happy to report that the hopes and dreams expressed in my application to the Information School have a very good chance of coming true. As an introduction to who I was when I started this iSchool adventure, here is the opening paragraph of my personal statement from 2004:

I have not followed a traditional path to graduate school. Along the way I have explored alternate routes of learning and discovery. I have moved back and forth from big cities to college towns to a rural homestead. I have worked in offices, on the farm, on committees, in the classroom, and in the recording studio. The journey has taken me from investment banking to protesting nuclear power; from journaling to writing a feature length film script; from milking cows twice a day to delivering mail in the proverbial rain, sleet and snow; from crisis intervention with victims of domestic and sexual violence to grievance investigation as a union shop steward; and from being a full-time single parent and organic gardener to completing my undergraduate degree while working full-time for the Post Office. I will arrive at graduate school with a wealth of life experience, semi-retired, and thoroughly reinvigorated by the prospect of a new career as public librarian.

I started out with not much knowledge of librarianship, but with a tremendous passion for books. Thanks to coursework, employment, and the network of iSchoolers, three and a half years later, I've learned quite a bit. I present this Portfolio as evidence of my growth and learning under five headings: Leadership, Intellectual, Service, Teaching, and Technology. It has been an amazing period in my life: stimulating and enervating, exilirating and frustrating, energizing and tiring. Having finally gotten to the end of this graduate school journey I can say whole heartedly "Thank you" to everyone I met along the way, online or in person. "I could not have done it without you."